Adult Program

Aikido at the Center is now offering hybrid classes with in-person and online options. Please contact us at or call (520) 261-4654 if you have any questions. 

Mon: 5:30-6:30
Wed: 5:30-6:30
Thurs: 5:30-6:30 (weapons)

"Heaven is right where you are standing and that is the place to train." ~O'Sensei

Why Aikido?

* Peaceful, collaborative environment – come in stressed; leave happy, centered and balanced

* Challenge – Aikido is practiced, not mastered

* Family Activity – bring the kids (ages 6-12; Teens class, too)

* Supportive community – connect with others and learn connection with others

* Safe space – face and conquer insecurities and fears and become grounded, calm and confident

* Laboratory – practice effective physical and verbal conflict resolution techniques

Schedule of Classes

Mondays-5:30-6:30 pm
Wednesdays-5:30-6:30 pm
Thursday-5:30-6:30 pm (aiki ken and aiki jo)
Second and fourth Thursdays advanced weapons/aikido principles
Saturdays–8-9am (open mat)
First and third Sundays (Please contact us if interested to make sure class is happening)-9:00-10:30 am-advanced class/aikido in motion

Chief Instructor

Judith Robinson, 6th dan


Sensei Judith Robinson has thirty years of experience in the martial arts. She is a student of Hans Goto Shihan, who was an uchideshi at Iwama, Japan, training under Morihiro Saito Shihan, 9th dan. She has also trained with Mitsugi Saotome Shihan, Bill Witt Shihan, Frank Doran Sensei, John Stevens Sensei, and Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei. She holds a sixth-degree black belt in Aikido, a first-degree black belt in Karate and has also studied Wing Chun and Tai Chi. She is a graduate of the Model Mugging Program with certification in both single attacker and weapons disarm. She is a retired protection agent and member of local R.E.D.