Kihon Kenjutsu

Kenjutsu, the art of swordsmanship, is the most highly respected of all Japanese martial arts. Though other weapon systems preceded the sword in Japan’s feudal military history, none compare in depth and complexity with kenjutsu. Generations of swordsmen devoted their entire lives studying every conceivable variation of the weapon’s use. Not satisfied with mere variations in technique, they explored and developed the strategic and philosophical aspects of swordsmanship—penetrating to the spiritual and physical core of conflict itself. 

Kihon Kenjutsu: Essential of elements Japanese Swordsmanship

Our Kihon Kenjutsu class focuses on essential elements of Japanese swordsmanship such as:

  • Reishiki  (proper sword, dōjō, and interpersonal etiquette)
  • Kamae  (various postures)
  • Kiri-hō  (The mechanics of proper cutting)
  • Idō  (integrated footwork and movement with and without the sword)
  • Iai  (drawing and cutting with a single combined motion)
  • Kumitachi and kata  (dynamic, pre-arranged engagements between two or more swordsmen)
  • Ken-no-kokoro (the focused, powerful and intense spirit produced by serious training in kenjutsu. This spirit is beneficial in any endeavor, martial or professional)
  • Koden Aiki-ken  Exploring the hidden roots and origins of Aikido technique and movement from outside of the Ueshiba-ha methodologies.

  • Serious students of Kihon Kenjutsu will have the  opportunity to apply for formal training in the art, and advance to actual sharpened, steel katana. Iaidō (iaijutsu, battōjutsu) is an important element of training in classical Japanese swordsmanship. Iai demands strict attention to detail, an intense, sharply focused mind, and constant striving for physical perfection. 
  • Note: The use of bokutō (wooden swords) is NOT for the student’s safety, but to ensure that a costly, and possibly antique blade is not damaged.

Previous experience is not necessary; beginners are carefully and safely guided.


William Maren

Kyōshi, Tenshin-ryū (kenjutsu)

A deshi and instructor of classical budō for nearly 40 years, Mr. Maren also holds senior level instructor’s license in aikijutsu.

“The longer one studies these Ways, the deeper and more profound they become… and the journey is transformative.”