On Saturday, February 10th we will be lucky enough to have Sharon Seymour Sensei coming to Tucson to do a workshop with us.
Time: 9 AM – 11 AM
Seymour Sensei is a longtime and highly valued member of our dojo family.  She is a 5th dan with 40 years of experience in Aikido, and a superb and insightful teacher. Please join us.
Apparel: informal – gi pants/yoga pants and a t-shirt or something similar. We need our waists and abdomens free.
(long pants and tops with sleeves, please.)

Sliding Scale Donation

Are Welcome

$10 – $40

AATC is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization

Mary Heiny Sensei

2024 Seminar

April 6th & 7th

“Mary Heiny Sensei brings to

every class, workshop, and

seminar she teaches not only

her years of Aikidō training and

teaching, but also her extensive

experience and study of

Japanese culture, language,

Shintō and Buddhist

philosophies, and Non-Violent

Communication. She strives

always to communicate the

beauty and challenge of

Ō-sensei’s desire that we use

Aikidō to become empowered

as creative, compassionate

beings and learn to appreciate

each other as members of one

human family.”










$130 for the entire seminar

$50 for single sessions

Looking Back... Mary Heiny Sensei Seminar April 2023

"You don't have to make a connection with your uke; there are many already
there... you just have to choose one."
Heiny Sensei

"This years' visit from Mary Heiny Sensei was as rewarding as all previous seminars, and more.  Together with Aikidō mates from all over, we watched and listened and learned and celebrated Aikidō, friendship, and the opportunity to practice our art of peace.  As Sensei continues on her path, her gift of sharing with us all makes for an intense training experience.  Ō-Sensei's admonition to train hard and with joy describes our weekend! With gratitude and blessings, Judith Robinson

A full mat during a seminar!


We’ll keep you posted!

Outreach and Demonstrations

We love to do demonstrations and outreach! If you would like to know more about aikido or would like us to do a demonstration, please contact us.

Japanese Festival 2019

Outreach and Demonstrations